woensdag 2 april 2014

cqrr, noes, Aisha, lontwol

 I started on this block and as you can see I didn't do just a corner, that's not my style. 
Ik was de eerste die aan dit blok werkte. Ik blijf, zoals gewoonlijk, niet in 1 hoekje.
detail cast on flowers


new wooll for felting, the curly wooll is Wensleydale.
nieuwe wol voor 't vilten, de krulletjes zijn Wensleydale.

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margaret zei

crazy block looking good, love the cast on flowers must look on utube to see how to do them for my block. Aisha is looking very attentive at what she is studying. Are you wet felting with the wool tops, afraid I dry felt on my embellisher, bit if a cheat really, must spend more time on the machine but it has been neglected recently