vrijdag 30 mei 2008

Leslie's fans

These are 3 finished blocks of Leslie's fabulous fan rr blocks.
Top block embellished by Cathy, second block embellished by Gerry, bottom block embellished by moi.
Dit zijn de 3 blokken van Leslie's fantastische waaiers estafette.
Het bovenste blok is versierd door Cathy, het middelste blok door Gerry en het onderste blok heb ik gedaan.

3 opmerkingen:

Cathy K zei

Hi Cobi! Waaaaa..... I did that top quilt block, not Bonnie! I know it was just a typo, though, because you had it right in the CQI posting. By the way, it was a brilliant idea to photograph them all together. Hope you're doing well! Hugs, Cathy

Ati. Norway. zei

Ze zijn allemaal prachtig, Leslie krijgt een FANtastische quilt!

Cobi zei

Cathy I've changed my mistake. Sorry, there's so much going on here and I'm still very upset about my little rabbit. So now you're getting the credit you deserve.