zaterdag 24 mei 2008

workshop Ineke Berlyn

On Thurday Ineke Berlyn came to our bee Tegendraads to give us a workshop. she taught us to make a landscape using Lutrador. each of us brought a picture of the landscape we wanted to make. we started by spraying paint onto the background. me painted an extra piece of Lutrador for appliqué to make details with. when my background piece was dry I added more purple to the bottom half by applying paintstick with a toothbrush over a template of torn paper. Then I started cutting trees from black and brown organza that I'd ironed onto vlisofix. After I fused those to the background I added some more trees and started cutting some for the foreground for which I'd painted Lutrador with a mixture of black and dark brown. Since these are less transparent, they look better on the forground. When those were fused on I started stitching the piece. This is how far I got. I have lots more stitching to do and then I will add bright green and yellowish green for the fresh new leaves on the trees and at bottom I want to add purple for the wild hyacinth's.
This is the photo I used as an example for my landscape. Here you can see all the pics I took at the workshop.
The results of all of us are fantastic and the examples that Ineke showed us are very inspiring. I also love the boxes she made from Lutrador. On top of all, Ineke is a very pleasant teacher and very nice.

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