woensdag 29 december 2010

to do ASAP! nog doen zsm

First half of the year I kept up with everything I had to do. Then summer came, our first exhibition, busy time, lots of birthdays, exhaustion followed by shingles and flu. Got over it all and started working on everything I fell behind with. My winter depression it trying to take over but every day I keep working on finishing what I owe people through swaps. Here is the list. If I forgot you plz let me know.

June Monet Diane Dunn
November song Hopscotch
December good wishesEllen Lai
Nicki Lee

surface design group
theme: experiment technique Annette Jeavons
replacement for lost one for Dolly Smith

bd atcs
Diana Bähler
Susana Gállego
Gemma Figueras
Penny Crompton
Marja Maas
Tracey Pereira
Pauline Charlesworth
Leah Cottam
Kate North
Andrea Harris

BOOKMARKS made with solvy
for surface design group
Annette Jeavons
Heither Reid
Susan McIntyre


arched pages of stitching fingers
Mandy Hague the sea
Kath Walls flowers
Maya Matthew leaves
Juliette Coates the seashore
Carmen Hansen castles
Chris Evans coastline

fibre fever group blue
Evi Engert le petit prince
Doreen Grey your country
Kath Walls ancient symbols
Helinä Penttinen Beatle songs
Janny de Roo carnival mask
Helga Franz flowers
Peggy Recker vintage ladies

4 opmerkingen:

Doreen G zei

Goodness me Cobi you did get behind a lot.Please take care of yourself while you are catching up.

Suztats zei

Oh my Goodness! What a list! I can't imagine having so many projects to complete in 1 year. You must be amazing!

Murgelchen94..... Be yourself...an original is always more valuable than a copy. zei

Oh, Cobi you are a workaholic, or?
I can wait.
A good new year.


Ati. zei

Hoi Cobi, ik ben blij te zien dat je weer bezig bent. De fabric book pages worden prachtig! En je sjaal is een plaatje!