donderdag 1 oktober 2009

update on my embroidery

I am working on a garden block. These are the finished motifs I did. I'm also working on a Hydrangea bush, a pergola and a tiny cottage in the distance. I'm not yet telling who's block this is. I'm having a great time embellishing it and I'm putting an awful lot of time into it, but I think its worth it.
Ik werk nu aan een tuinblok. Dit zijn de motieven die ik af heb. Ik werk ook nog aan een Hortensiastruik, een pergola en een kleine cottage in de verte. Ik zeg niet wiens blok dit is. Ik geniet van het werken aan dit blok en ik stop er veel te veel tijd in maar ik vind 't dat meer dan waard.

3 opmerkingen:

Aida Costa zei

Ohhhhhh how beautiful! That second picture, especially - WOW. Beautiful stitching! I hope my stitching will be just as lovely some day :)

Murgelchen94 zei

Cobi, what have you done?
Your embroidery is great, wonderful.
I love it.

Anoniem zei

Wow, Cobi,

Fantastic. Whoever block it is I know they will love it!!! Your work is awe inspiring really!

I do have your Spiders 2 block. I am woefully behind on all my RR's, due to my 16 year old daughters emergency illness and taking care of her ( hospital 4 times, doctors visits, endoscopy and now next surgery), then during it I caught a head cold and now have the flu, the last 3 weeks have been tiring and mentally and physically draining. I have not forgot your block. I promise it is the very next thing I am working on. I have just a days worth to finish on my last making memories block and I am on to yours!

Gorgeous work as usual!!